Riverside Rental Record?


Pictured:  68 Winthrop Drive, off Riverside’s Lockwood Road, asked $20K, got $20K (not one of my listings!)

TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH, surely a record for Greenwich’s Riverside section? No, in fact, this is merely 3rd place. Click the link below to see Riverside’s four highest renting properties.

Listing broker: Patte Nusbaum

Renting broker: Roberta Juric

Riverside’s four highest renting properties.

Those are the four highest yearly, unfurnished rental prices paid to date in Riverside, CT.

6 thoughts on “Riverside Rental Record?

  1. Welcome back to the internet.

    I’m going to assume these are all NY Knicks….or Rangers in these rentals. How did I do?

    • Cos:
      People often ask, who the HELL are these people paying $20,000+ per month for a %#@&-ing rental?? The answer is not, in fact, highly-paid athletes, it is typically a (very highly-paid) transferred executive. Possibly either the company or the executive is unsure about the duration of employment, so the executive rents something really nice in order to induce the family to join him.

      • Oh damn you with a boring answer. We are not all morons. Try again with something funny. 🙂

      • Cob:
        By gum, yer right, that IS a boring answer! Furthermore, we do get a fair number of basketball and hockey stars, but they’ve all been buyers, not renters.

  2. How about flamboyant South America dictators awash in misappropriated funds? Still making a killing on those? Free tip – don’t ever take the “free month of living like a king in x” in lieu of cash commission, you won’t come back….

  3. He’s Back!!! I’ve been checking every AM as I quaff my coffee and finally, today, I see something other than a November 1 Halloween post. Hopefully, the frequency of your posts will now increase somewhat.

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