Is ANYONE Still Buying Real Estate??

54 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, $2,765,000, just went from "contingent contract" to CLOSED AT $2,700,000.

54 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, $2,765,000, just went from “contingent contract” to CLOSED AT $2,700,000 (started at $3.290M) List: Alison Farn Leigh  Sell: Amy Rabenhorst.

Happy to report, the answer is yes. Despite the terrible news that oil has hit a 12-year low (and consequently people are paying far less to heat their homes and fuel their cars, and airlines and industrial companies are saving billions and billions of dollars), hardy Greenwich buyers, bravely ignoring the knuckle-heads on Wall Street, have been stepping up to the plate!

How do I know? I keep an eye on the daily MLS report of “pending” deals and “contingent contracts”, so, for instance, today we had a nice bunch of properties go to contingent contract:

Georgetown North (condo):  $1,150,000.

Lita Drive:  $3,650,000.

Lockwood Road: $2,450,000.

Willow Road:  $3,595,000.

(For obvious reasons, I’m not revealing street numbers on these nascent deals just yet)


If, or should I say when, the above listing link gets mysteriously disabled by our friends at the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service, try this one: 54 Shore Road, Old Greenwich.




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