Director Spike Lee Calls For Affirmative-Action Oscars

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The saddest part of this is that the loonies are actually pressuring comedian Chris Rock to boycott his own Oscar’s master of ceremonies job! Why? The nominees are Caucasian, not African American.

Maybe it’s time for the Justice Department to…

A. Launch an investigation, and then…

B. Reach a settlement with the movie studios that a “percentage” of Oscars must be awarded to non-whites. After all, it’s only fair!

3 thoughts on “Director Spike Lee Calls For Affirmative-Action Oscars

  1. I would treat it more like the tobacco settlements. How about a percentage of all movies goes to the govt to be spent on billboards, and other advertising venues, warning us poor souls of the harm brought by Hollywood like unfair treatment to colored actors.

    • One:
      Since you were born in the 1900’s, I will overlook your quaint use of the word “colored” (and incidentally, are we not ALL “colored”?). But seriously, this surely represents a new low for the Spike Lee’s of the world. And the worst part is, idiots like Lee would forever cast doubt on the validity of the awarding of an Oscar to a black actor. Would he care? He would not.

  2. I’m thinking I’ll boycott the A-Kaka-Demy Awards this year too. Not to protest the lack of “DiversiTAY” in the industry, but because the entire entertainment industry complex of narcissistic whiny entitled douchebags have come to be the cultural equivalent of long fingernails dragged across a really really long chalkboard

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