Who Would Listen To George Soros?

George Soros, clown? evil genius? he's both!

George Soros, clown? evil genius? he’s both!

George Soros has gotten it right enough times that he’s piled up a net worth estimated by Bloomberg at $27.3 billion. But he’s also sly enough to proclaim his “concern” for the markets last week only after he’s shorted everything he owns. Now that he’s got his 1,000+ point Dow drop, he and his minions can pick up the bargains!

That’s just the normal fun & games of the market, but what really bugs me about Soros is that, when he’s not busy fleecing un-wary investors, he works actively to undermine free markets and free enterprise in general. Every far-left nut-group in the world can count on a yearly check from Soros because a., that’s his philosophical viewpoint, and b., he knows no matter what happens, he will still make money. Who cares if the little people starve, their businesses collapse, and dissenters get locked up (Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea), it’s all good in Soro’s book.

Viva revolución!


6 thoughts on “Who Would Listen To George Soros?

  1. God knows I’m no fan of the guy but I do very grudgingly respect him. As the crash hit in 2008, he said that he wouldn’t trade in credit default swap derivatives because he couldn’t understand them and that he believed they were toxic financial time bombs. He was right. Now he’s saying that we are in for yet another 2008 collapse in the very near term and that the EU is on the verge of collapse. Given that there never really was a sound recovery from 2008, but rather a phony equities market bubble driven by the Feds 7 year near zero interest rate policy and QEs, the next downturn may well make 2008 look like a cake walk.

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