1 Sinawoy Road, Darien, CT


1 Sinawoy Road, Darien, CT, now reduced to $3.995M. Listed by Nancy Dauk at Halstead.

What, Darien again?? Well dammit, I can’t help it if the most picturesque properties happen to be in Darien. I don’t plan on moving there, but if I did, it would be to a place like this one.

Flip through the pictures, see if you agree. I particularly like the grounds with the willow trees, the river, the meadow, all idyllic, if you ask me. The pool’s nice, too, although the mysterious silver balls floating in it remind me strangely of that old British drama, “The Prisoner”.

Oh, and look at the library: real, actual books, can you imagine? Maybe they were placed there by the decorator, but I like to think the owners have actually read them, wouldn’t that be quaint!


P.S. Yes, I know that in Greenwich it would be an instant tear-down, thank you.

1 Sinawoy (alternative link)

5 thoughts on “1 Sinawoy Road, Darien, CT

    • Alborithm:
      “Floody”?…a good question. Examining the land using Bing maps, I see that the body of water it backs up to appears to be trapped by a dam with a weir. Beyond the dam is Long Island Sound. So would a major storm climb over that dam? It might!

    • al:
      Good for you! I believe he (the famed Grateful Dead guitarist/vocalist) lives in Mill Valley, CA. Tell him I said hello!

      (weir: A dam placed across a river or canal to raise or divert the water, as for a millrace, or to regulate or measure the flow.)

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