Gideon’s Speech


UPDATE: I’ll admit I’m “blabbing” but in truth, there is some good real estate  information conveyed here, things I’ve learned over 30 years of listing and selling.If you’re ever going to sell some of your real estate, watch this video first. 

I forget, did I already post this video of me blabbing about real estate to the Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich? It was two years ago, but upon review I see that most of the stuff I say is still relatively accurate.


Holy crud, it’s 55 minutes! By all means, skip ahead!

9 thoughts on “Gideon’s Speech

  1. What the hell did you do up there, read your blog and the blog comments?

    And is this a warm up for a run for town office?

      • I watched it Gid-
        But OG isn’t kennebunkport
        And there’s still way too much back country supply and a lack of price discovery
        And it’s Riverside GID
        Top schools in CT, walk ability, AND NO (see below)

      • Uber:
        Wow, love that footage of the waves getting bigger and bigger, closer and closer to the house! Quite impressive. On the other hand, the next video, of the doofus owner of said house, wearing his baseball cap backwards, talking about his “Hurricane” Sandy experience was too hard to watch. The backward hat offends me too deeply, had to shut it off.

      • Cobber lives here on this blog too!?
        My condolences GID
        I liked the video-and I agree, the FEMA regs are out of control and devastating to the homes in OG
        Someone needs to kickstart private HOI for those aforementioned.
        Not that they need a mortgage, but it sure does pay to borrow at such low IR-And use the cash for whatever else they want!

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