Another Bidding War

39 Northridge Road, Old Greenwich, $799,000. Priced as 'dirt", so bring on the bulldozers!

39 Northridge Road, Old Greenwich, $799,000. Priced as ‘dirt”, so bring on the bulldozers! Listing broker Bill Andrus.


This time it’s a tear-down at 39 Northridge Road, Old Greenwich (about 1 mile north of Post Road), listing broker Bill Andruss tells me, “Highest and best offers must be submitted by Friday noon”.

So the market’s good right now, as well it should be at this time of year. Is it “hot”? No, so don’t go raising your price! Plenty of un-sold inventory out there that needs to be worked through. But overall, things are good.

39 Northridge Road is in the R-7 zone, and has .29 acres, so the FAR rules allow 4,547 square feet (of above ground finished living space).

Listing broker: William (“Wild Bill”) Andruss

12 thoughts on “Another Bidding War

  1. They will likely get a few bucks more than asking.

    And do we know the final price of that house on Indian Field road we discussed a month ago with multiple bids?

    • Cos Cobber (aka “weird dude”):
      Y’never know with these “bidding wars”, sometimes all you get is the damned asking price! As for 24 Indian Field, you’ll recall the asking price was $550,000. Listing broker Julianne Ward tells me it’s ‘closing end of March, above $600,000″.

      • Sir, I just revisited your January post on said Indian Field House. I don’t think you offered up a number officially. Any how, I think the buyer will do okay…especially if they take advantage of that back yard and calm of the golf course

        PS – I’m hardly weird…about as square as you really.

      • Cos:
        I thought I DID say something about $700K+! As for my “weirdo”‘references, I am tweaking you for referring to me as “a weird dude” on my brother’s blog!

  2. That is a no brainer based on all the other properties in that neighborhood that have sold as dirt and subsequently been torn down. You can easily get $2.0 to $2.5MM if you build something nice so there is some profit in there at this price. I think they get above $900K for this property.

      • I’ve bid on property over there a couple of times and it always went well above my expectations. I may be wrong this time but that looks like a decent piece of land. I don’t mind being on record but hope I’m right! Are you taking the under?

    • I don’t think any house in HP has ever sold for $2.5m. Very few have broken $2. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m not saying it’s impossible, but don’t count your chickens.

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