New, But Not Selling

Dining room view at North Cross Way, Old Greenwich, $5.4M. Listed by Lisa Weicker.

Dining room view at 5 North Cross Way, Old Greenwich, $5.4M. Listed by Lisa Weicker.

You owners of non-selling older homes may think that buyers these days want only new construction, but in fact, there are presently 40 new houses (link shows a sample of ten of the forty) on the market throughout Greenwich that are sitting around un-loved.

As I’m writing these words, some of them may well be on the cusp of a deal, but as of right now, these babies are hanging around, waiting for you!






11 thoughts on “New, But Not Selling

  1. Love the ktichen/family room open to the water on 5 North Causeway and the fireplace w/ built-ins in that room, even if those doors are seriously impractical to use regularly. But the house as a whole is aesthetically “challenging” — way too much going on the outside, while the interior is so sparse and minimal as to look cheap and flat.

    • Anon:
      Fiddle-sticks! Sorry for the coarse language but honestly, you’re far too harsh. Friday’s Wall St Journal’s got a great story about the latest boom going on in Malibu and that’s what THIS place reminds me of. Most Malibu beach houses ain’t much to look at, but that’s not the point; it’s all about the view and the place.

  2. Several of these homes are flawed. Andrews is too much house for such a street. The design of the Longview home suggests its trying to avoid its neighbors – in short its too tract like in design – needs a front porch, bigger windows. The Chapel Lane one is a wee bit steep for the street. North Crossway – lots to dislike I suppose – such as its mash up of 27 different architectural toys. However Crossway is a fun and unique location and probably will find a buyer this summer at a number the seller is happy with.

    • Longview is a perfect illustration that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, like divide the lot. One nice house on that lot would have been better than this ugly duckling and its ok sibling on its left, which is also for sale I think.

      • River Dog:
        Yep, I believe you’re right, it would probably have been just as profitable for the builder to have built one house on that site instead of two. They are both presently offered for sale at $3,695,000 and $4,150,000.

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