Trump Campaign Manager Facing Additional Charges

Bored And Razed exclusive: actual photo, isolated from security film, of Corrie Lewandowski placing Whoopie cushion.

Bored And Razed exclusive: Actual photo, isolated from security footage, of Corey Lewandowski placing Whoopie cushion on reporter’s chair.

New information was disclosed today by Miami police regarding Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s brutal assault on reporter Michelle Fields.

Using forensic film analysis not seen since the massive, world-wide scrutiny applied to the famous “Zapruder film“, investigators have slowed down security camera footage and discovered additional crimes committed by Mr. Lewandowski.

microscopic, frame-by-frame review has revealed that Mr. Lewandowski not only  grabbed Ms. Field’s arm in a rude manner, but is also seen pinching the cheek of a startled Anderson Cooper and placing a “whoopee cushion” on the chair of an un-named reported who was mere seconds away from sitting down.

Both Cooper and the un-named reporter were taken to University of Miami Hospital where they were treated and released.

If you haven’t yet seen this 12-second video, it is presented below. Due to extreme violence, parents are strongly cautioned!

9 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Manager Facing Additional Charges

  1. Fucking ridiculous. What is happening to the world where Muslims are roaming the world and sexually assaulting, raping, and stoning, without any repercussions, and an ass-wipe reporter claims assault in what is a normal interaction and a charge if filed?? Where’s the outrage?!?

    • Some:
      Seems just a teensy-weensy, er, overblown, wouldn’t you say? What it serves to illustrate is that, as always, if a story is “useful” to the major media agenda, it will be ENDLESSLY deliberated.

      • You sound just a tad envious to me….There’s no such thing as bad publicity…

      • Bad publicity” has been re-defined. Hence, a bad sex tape transformed an otherwise untalented Armenian So-Cal girl into a very rich entertainment industry icon. Such is America today.

    • Muslims are roaming the world and sexually assaulting, raping, and stoning, without any repercussions

      Because when the Muzzies do it, it’s a “Cultural Thang” we western Crusader non-Muzzies don’t understand and may not therefore criticize, since to do so would be anti-Muzzie discrimination. Critical reasoning is not valued among the Proggy left; only raw emotion is.

  2. As a theater person, surely you remember Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest ” The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about .” To G F at 12:10

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