The Pines Of Rome

 It’s Saturday night and instead of, say, sitting at the blackjack table, I’m instead listening to the Greenwich Symphony at Greenwich High School’s new Performing Arts Center.
I know it cost us taxpayers millions and millions but, judging by the sights and sounds this evening, I’m afraid I must conclude we might actually have gotten our money’s worth for once.
First up this evening was some highly regarded piano player with the unlikely-to-be-pronounced-properly name of Juho Pohjonen. He was simply amazing. Next up, the whole orchestra took on some chap named Respighi’s composition called Pines of Rome. This was spectacular, brilliant, energizing. What a piece of music. And the hall made it absolute perfection. 
Here’s some other bunch of musicians playing the piece, but really, the Greenwich Symphony does it better.

Respighi’s Pines Of Rome

5 thoughts on “The Pines Of Rome

  1. I’m very envious…..Imagine what this ” impressionistic ” music sounded like to concert goers at the turn of the century..

  2. Gids,

    What is the deal with the town symphony, how is it funded?

    And did nobody attend this event or what? The space looks nearly vacant.

    • Cobbster:
      S’far as I know, the Greenwich Symphony is funded entirely by private contributions, specifically people like Dick and Mary Radcliffe, and other generous local benefactors. And then of course, cheapskates like me kick in $800 for a full-page ad in the program!

      • 800 bucks is not cheap….

        What level of contribution is necessary to have the honor of playing the triangle? I’m thinking $900. I’d give $1100, but I need the difference for my tux rental.

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