The 196th day of the year

Belle Haven's Byram Drive, this year's top finisher so far.

Belle Haven’s 46 Byram Drive, sells for $14M, making it this year’s top finisher so far. List: BK Bates Sell: Ted Thaxter

Yep, day 196, aka July 14th. So how’s the market? Most Greenwich brokers would say “Swell”, or words to that effect. So far this year we’ve had 539 separate deals, a very good number to have reached for this date.

The weak spot, the fly-in-the-ointment, the Ethiopian in the fuel supply (WC Fields) is the super-high end. $9M+, we’ve had a grand total of 4 properties sell. That is exceedingly low, the only consolation being that New York City’s ultra-high stuff isn’t selling either.

So for Greenwich, the market up to $3M is particularly strong, after that, it begins to taper off.

Here are this year’s four high-end sales: The Magnificent Four

7 thoughts on “The 196th day of the year

  1. C’mon Gidzo, have the courage to lay the blame at the feet of those it is properly ascribed: The SCoaMF’s of Hartford who have managed to drive out the wealthy and keep at bay those who would swoop in to take their place. Progressives, making the same mistake over and over, always expecting a different result. Einstein is reported to have said that’s a sign of insanity, but I believe it’s also a strong indicator of stupidity. Now Governor D’ D’ D’ Dan Malloy wants to impose a mileage tax. I say let him go for it. The fallout would be EPIC!!!!

  2. O/T: off to Santorini are you? Loved it there. Went in June/July 2001, just before the world went to shit.

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