Greenwich Bargain Of The Year?

1141 King Street, Greenwich, CT, asking $2.250M, bargain of a lifetime?

1141 King Street, Greenwich, CT, asking $2.250M, bargain of a lifetime? (click on photo to expand)

19.14 acres of pastoral Greenwich meadow for a lousy $2,250,000? Sure, it’s close enough to Westchester’s adorable little airport that you could count empty seats on the commuter jets flying overhead, but still, take a look at the aerial views, this is beautiful land!

Besides the airport, you’re also mere steps away from some of the best golf courses on the east coast, and two of Greenwich’s finest private schools. This is a bargain. You said you wanted a bargain? Here it is, go buy it.

Note: It’s listed by Jean Ruggiero at Real Living, but I can’t pick it up on their damned web-site!

6 thoughts on “Greenwich Bargain Of The Year?

  1. Please find out if the property is divisible into smaller lots and what size for each. What would be the requirements if necessary to rezone the lot or obtain a variance from the town and what might the cost be to do so? Would public services be available, like utilities, or would additional costs be necessary to develop the opportunity? Those are my thoughts.

  2. Is it accessible from a road other than King Street? Add a new driveway, get a new address, increase the value dramatically.

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