Hillary Won! (the second half)

I watched the whole debate but about an hour into it, I could almost feel the millions of Americans who had slipped away, either to change channels or go to bed. The first half was Trump’s, and I suspect that’s the part most people watched.I’d love to see a breakdown of ratings numbers for first half vs. second half.

I’d also like to see, just once in my lifetime, the Democrat get forced to spend valuable debate minutes arguing with the moderator, like the Republican always has to.
By the way, Hillary appeared to have completely recovered from her “pneumonia”. It’s quite miraculous, almost as though she’d never had it at all!

3 thoughts on “Hillary Won! (the second half)

    • Some:
      Hmm. I am not, as the saying goes, “my brother’s keeper”, but for you? I will take a look, please hold…
      Ok, I’m back from checking his blog and what I found is that he has already posted twice so far today, isn’t that enough?
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