The Taxes That Never Happened

The problem with government is, it starts off small and cute, but quickly grows big and ugly...

The problem with government is, it starts off small and cute, but quickly grows big and ugly…

If a tax is raised in the forest, and there’s no one there to pay it, has it really been raised?

As Secretary Clinton rides off into the sunset (likely in someone’s Gulfstream G650) this is the philosophical question we ask ourselves: What becomes of all the planned tax raises? Here’s a partial list, prepared by Americans For Tax Reform, of tax raises we now won’t be experiencing:

Capital Gains Tax Increase —

Clinton  proposed an increase in the capital gains tax to counter the “tyranny of today’s earnings report.” Her plan called for a byzantine capital gains tax regime with six rates.

Tax on Stock Trading — Clinton  proposed a new tax on stock trading.

“Exit Tax”– Rather than reduce the extremely high, uncompetitive corporate tax rate, Clinton [had] proposed a series of measures aimed at inversions including an “exit tax” on income earned overseas.

Raise The Death Tax — Hillary proposed a 50%, 55%, and 65% tax rate, lowering the taxable threshold back to $3,500,000  because we all know that after paying taxes your whole life, you miraculously manage to sock away 3 1/2 million, you sir are fabulously wealthy and need to give the rest of it back!

Such a shame to miss these, but don’t worry, in four years, Uncle Bernie will be back to propose the exact same thing all over again!


And finally, this Instagram clip from funny white guy, Elliot Tebele, aka “fuckjerry”…




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