Do We Have To Just GIVE This Stuff Away?


562 Riversville Road, just closed at $1,670,000. Take a look at all you get for that relatively small sum, and there’s more like this one, still available! List: Amanda Miller  Sell: Erin Murphy

Ok, that last post might have been a bit… sarcastic. And for the record, KJUS is, according to their web-site, pronounced (I kid you not) “Shoos, rhymes with juice”, got it?

But back to real estate… What’s it going to take to get you people to accept the backcountry again? Does a half-price sale sound appealing? Because that’s essentially what is going on. No, you won’t be able to walk to the damned train station (you big baby) but in exchange you’ll get sprawling acres of lawn/woods/trees, swimming pools, tennis courts, guest houses, the ability to NOT be able to observe your neighbor’s daily comings and goings (hooray!), and a genuine feeling of living in the country, remember that feeling? It’s nice.

Speaking of Riversville Road bargains, this baby started out way back when at $7,590,000, now down to $4,995,000. 5 acres, beautiful house, lawns, pools, tennis courts, western-facing sunsets, what a package! Click on the address for the full picture.

636 Riversville Road, a Greenwich bargain. List: Fran Ehrlich

, $4.995M, a Greenwich bargain. List: Michele Klosson

Oops, looks like WordPress has added nuclear fall-out to my homepage again! oh, wait a sec, that’s supposed to be snow, is that it? Charming!

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