On The Other Hand, There’s This


22 Mimosa Drive, Cos Cob: everybody wants!

22 Mimosa Drive, Cos Cob: $1,200,000… everybody wants! List: Roseann Sarica Benedict

UPDATE: Closed 12/01/2016 for $1,320,000. That’s the power unleashed by “underpricing”.

Everyone likes Mimosas, don’t they? Of course they do. And they also like streets named after the flower or the drink.

So no one will be surprised to hear that 22 Mimosa Drive, which hit the market a day or two ago, attracted multiple bids from builder and end-users alike, and the whole thing went to sealed-bids!

This a nice, fairly level one-acre parcel and the asking price was smart. Result? Bidding war.


Note: My happy little face appears on the listing link, but this is Roseann’s listing.

9 thoughts on “On The Other Hand, There’s This

  1. I was looking online at this property the other day and thinking geez, this is a great piece of land in a great neighborhood, in a great school district at a super attractive price. Then I got side tracked and never went to see it. Sounds like it is too late. I think one can pay $1.35MM for this piece of land and still be in great shape; I know I would!!

  2. With 350k you could fix this house up great and have a modern, reasonably sized home. Look at houzz and see what can be done with dated ranches. Much better and more stylish than your typical Greenwich McMansion. Aren’t people over that “tear down and build big” phase yet?

    • A-non:
      Sorry to have to acknowledge it, but yes, it’s looking more and more like 25 Leeward (“lou-ward”) Lane will be a tear-down. Across the street, number 28 Leeward, with 1.3 acres (vs. 1.06 for 25 Leeward) sold in 2013 for $300K over ask, getting $3,495,000. The buyers lived in it for a few years, but I’m pretty sure they’re now finishing construction on the new place. So where does 25 Leeward sell? $3M-3.5M, depending on the sellers’ desires. Remember, Greenwich is famous for its un-motivated sellers. The difference between what something’s “really worth” and what the sellers will accept is often vastly different.

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