“Jacob’s Ladder” review

The Darien YMCA has one of these contraptions, does your gym? It’s really, really hard to do this! Not the exercise itself, all you’re doing is just climbing an inclined treadmill-style ladder, but doing it for multiple minutes does take a lot of effort. I’m up to 11 minutes, but it took me a few weeks to work up to that duration.

5 thoughts on ““Jacob’s Ladder” review

  1. Bwahahahaha, LIGHTWEIGHT!!!!!! [cough, cough].

    But, seriously, I think it likely Susie’s 53 seconds would appear Olympian by comparison to any performance I could manage.

    • Libs:
      Aw, hell, you’d do it for a few minutes, I guarantee. But I really can’t quite figure out why it’s so hard to climb for multiple minutes. I do try to go quickly, so maybe that bumps up the intensity more than I realized.

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