A High-End Sale: Yay!

16 Chimney Corner Lane, last ask $9,295,000, now has deal.

16 Chimney Corner Lane, last ask $9,295,000, now has deal.

It took a few months and a few price reductions, but David Ogilvy’s spectacular listing on Chimney Corner Lane has found a buyer, thanks to Houlihan broker Lindsay Sheehy.

I really, really like to see signs of life in this price category, it makes me think perhaps there’s hope yet for Connecticut, but if I could pick and choose, I guess I’d be even happier if something in this range was selling in the backcountry. But what the hell, it’s still great news.

Meanwhile, the place next door, now similarly priced, has been sitting around, on and off the market, for…for… (wait for it)… TWELVE YEARS.

But never mind next door, click on the listing link above, I think you’ll be impressed. This place is truly beautiful, an example of  great elegance, and expense-no-object decorating and finishes, but somehow not overwhelming or show-offy. Anyway, that’s MY take.

15 thoughts on “A High-End Sale: Yay!

    • Cos:
      The, er, flamboyant Mr. Von Keyserling is exactly the type who would pinch a lady on the butt after a political argument, but is this “incident” really worthy of the police’s and court’s attention? I think not.

      • Strange the local rags are silent this morning…. very strange too me, unless Von K was a democrat then of course this story would be buried.

      • Cos:
        I’ll post about this shortly, but you’re right, his party affiliation is, for the media, going to be a CRUCIAL element of this (soon to go national) story…

  1. Monica Crowley apparently plagiarized from Pope Benedict XVI ‘s letter of resignation when she wrote her letter of resignation to Trump…..

  2. 60/62 Oneida Drive same association (IHD) , originally listed at $22MM in 2011 sold for $11MM in 2013 and just sold again today (??) for $19.2MM land value.

  3. Greenwich real estate newbie question: does the constant hum of traffic on 95 impact listings near it? I run through Bruce Park occasionally and 16 Chimney Corner seems close enough to 95 that the noise would be present on the property all year.

    • Somes:
      Yes, it bothers some percentage of buyers. Even more maddening for brokers trying to calculate the right asking price, the public’s reaction to noise can change over time. I had a Club Road listing back in the 90’s and many lookers would emerge from their cars, hear a train crossing the bridge over Mianus harbor, and say “forget it”. That particular house was torn down and it’s replacement has since sold TWICE, both times in the $8Ms, train noise and all.

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