Can Changing A Street Name Make A Difference?

UPDATE: I have now learned one guy bought up the whole street and re-named it all by himself.

Yes, b’golly, it can, and a group of neighbors apparently has gone ahead and done it on (the former) “Jada Lane”.

The new name is “Apha Drive”, not terrible, certainly better than Jada, although….. doesn’t it sound a bit like one of those “male potentcy” formulas they promote all over the Internet and radio?

But never mind, it’s an improvement, dammit, just as surely as the change made by the wise folks on Cos Cob’s “Hooker Lane” who changed it to “Stonebrook”. Bland, yes, but for real estate value, a good move.

9 thoughts on “Can Changing A Street Name Make A Difference?

  1. People living on Uranus Terrace in San Francisco have been struggling with this forever…The streets in this area are named after two planets…Mars being the other street…Why not Saturn or Pluto ? Beats me…

    • Ay-nonz:
      Yes, the “seventh rock from the sun”, planet Uranus, has what must be termed, a “difficult” name. Likewise, the Town of Greenwich must bear the burden of having a river named Mianus…

    • And talking about Uranus, anyone else remember the cover band from the ’60’s “Uranus and the Five Moons?” Played frequently at New England frat parties. Hauled their amps/equipment to gigs in a hearse.

  2. No disrespect intended to their (presumably) eponymous creators, but similarly, I suspect at least some residents of Perna and Fado Lanes wouldn’t object to their streets’ names being renamed.

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