19 Old Farm Lane, Darien $6,750,000.

19 Old Farm Road, Darien. New to the market at $6,750,000.
List: Eileen B Hanford

We brokers aren’t supposed to pay attention to furnishings (unless they’re included), but once in a while, I will admit to getting distracted by a well-done job. I suppose I could do without a few of the choices here, the tiresome zebra-skin, the, er, striking raspberry ottoman at the foot of the bed, maybe a bit less of the wallpaper here and there, but overall, we’re talking overall here, the exterior, the interior, the grounds; these owners have created a masterpiece.

(The photography is also good, although a few of the pictures are incorrectly sized for the MLS, consequently you will notice they appear overly enlarged to fit the format)

Take a look for yourself.

2 thoughts on “19 Old Farm Lane, Darien $6,750,000.

  1. I know this house, these owners and their decorator fairly well. Top quality people and a very hands on and creative wife. Wonderful house. Only curiosity to me is that after many months on the market they dropped the price by $500K and then raised it by the same amount a few weeks later.

    Clearly a top quality property but I can only think of 1-2 sales in Darien of a non-waterfront home for over $5mm in the past 10 years.

    • Fan:
      Ha! Well, you solved THAT little puzzle for me. I couldn’t figure out why Houlihan’s website shows a lower price than on MLS. The rule on pricing is, NEVER, EVER go back UP, unless there was a material improvement in the listing, i.e. more land, furniture inclusion, major oil discovery?

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