CT Poll Workers Prepare To Release Thousands Of Fake Ballots

New Haven polling station workers carrying boxes of pre-voted Ned Lamont ballots.
(actually, these are Peruvians carrying ballots in Peru, but…you get the idea)

It’s always puzzled me that CT Republicans tolerate this “open secret” that CT Democrats in the three failed cities of Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport will, when needed in a close race, manufacture thousands of phony ballots in order to put the Democratic candidate ahead. A recent case of this was Governor Malloy’s 2010 victory over Republican Tom Foley by just 6,404 votes.

If it’s 5:00 PM on election day and it looks like their guy might get edged out by a relatively small number of votes, the Democrats will apparently use one of two techniques to fix things:

The first trick is to claim “polling station irregularities have made it impossible for people to vote, so we must keep the stations opened for several more hours”. Claims of insufficient numbers of paper ballots, or malfunctioning voting machines are used to convince a friendly judge to issue the order to keep the stations opened. Workers then rush around and gather up reliable Democrat voters and bus them to the polls. After a few hours of that, the deficit is made up and the Democrat wins.

The other technique is to simply print up thousands of phony ballots, already filled out for the Democratic candidates, and keep them in sealed bags at key polling stations in New Haven and elsewhere and release whatever number is needed to fill the gap.

Republican officials I have spoken to believe this second method was the one used to produce Malloy’s slightly improved victory over Foley in 2014’s re-match, winning by around 25,000 votes.

I’ve done an extensive internet search to see if maybe Republicans are also accused of pulling this kind of stunt anywhere in the nation but it looks like this crime is exclusively Democrat. So why do we allow it? How hard would it be to send Federal observers to some of these trouble spots? Former Attorney General Eric Holder certainly had no problem sending observers down to southern states when he suspected “voter suppression” (aka, asking for photo identification) so let’s try it in Connecticut!

5 thoughts on “CT Poll Workers Prepare To Release Thousands Of Fake Ballots

  1. The corruption on the left is so entrenched that I think we just don’t know how to fight it. Drudge is depressing at the moment.. think I’ll go stick my head in the sand…

  2. The corruption on the left is so entrenched I think we just don’t know how to fight it. The drudge report looks depressing right now… I think I’ll go stick my head in the sand.

  3. I was astonished to find my name covered in black letters stating that ‘I had voted already by mail in ballot’ at my town hall here in NJ yesterday. I told the woman that I have never mailed in a ballot in my entire life. She had no idea who would have altered the voter registration book like that. Guess I will have to take it up with the Clerk of Court in Morristown NJ. You can bet that will be a nightmare. I was concerned when all these fake mail in ballots starting showing up in the mail…..obviously something fishy is going on. I am trying to find out now how many others in my town had the same situation.

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