Flipping For Dollars

9 Thornhill Road: The former master bath….

9 Thornhill: The new master bath… (discerning eyes will detect the difference)

I like to see smart re-dos and it looks like that’s what’s happened on Riverside’s Thornhill Road. The old house was perfectly acceptable, nicely maintained, but woefully out of date (see before photos, linked below). The backyard’s REALLY deep and the impression of space is even better because the neighbor to the left didn’t put up an ugly fence. It always amazes me how much better two adjoining properties can look when neither neighbor fences off, but I’ll admit, sometimes you have no choice.

UPDATE: Sold for $1,337,000 Jan. 22, 2019

Maybe that big backyard was the reason the old house was so badly overpriced, starting at $1,250,000 in May, 2017. Several price reductions and many months later, they finally got a deal, closing for $930,000 in April, 2018. Four months later, total transformation complete, it came back on for $1,399,000, in August, 2018, and now, a contract is reported. Did the builder make money? Depends on that closing price of course. I’ll keep track and report to you on closing day.

This is the old listing:


This is the latest listing:


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