Reader Comments, Love ‘Em/Hate ‘Em


In response to my post about condo sales off Steamboat Road, I received the following comment from a reader (and fellow blogger, no less!)

Years ago we looked at some high end in-town condos (“Arbor Rose” something?) and while very pretty, I was APPALLED at the Elaine-Benes-style dance that residents had to perform, jockeying for parking. Heaven forbid you entertain – and I watched the UPS truck TRY and turn around – talk about back up beeping. I get the concept of these condos (although I am diametrically opposed to any development having a NAME), but for my $5m I’d rather not be told my Jaguar is in the way of your Maserati and would I kindly move it or else…..

Perfectly reasonable comment, do you not agree? But it required a bit of editing, in my opinion, and frankly I’m still not happy with that reference to Elaine Benes. Is the Seinfeld character Elaine Benes that well known? Is she the Ralph Kramden of a younger generation? Not sure.

Anyway, I committed, first, the unpardonable sin of editing, then compounded the offense by forgetting to press the “approve” button. So what did the [fellow blogger] do? the [fellow blogger] runs over to my brother’s blog and complains!

Here’s the [fellow blogger’s] complaint:

Never met the guy so I can’t retort but it was like my comment wasn’t good enough for his readers so he edited it – adding words, hyphenating words, then, after some thought, he decided the entire tone of the comment didn’t suit his sensibilities. Okay, his blog, his choice, but then why edit my words? Why not just assign my comment to the trash bin? I never edit someone’s comment (except when it’s obvious there’s a typo).

I repeat, very farquatious.

There is no such word as farquatious so I certainly would have edited that right outta there, had I the option. But never mind, isn’t it a bit rich, a fellow blogger complaining on still another blog, about not getting a comment published on my blog?

Silly, dopey, and…silly.