Ritchie’s Archipelago & Car Nicobar…

Full-size runway on the island of "Car Nicobar", in the Adaman Sea...(see BingMaps link)

Full-size runway on the island of “Car Nicobar”, in the Andaman Sea…(see BingMaps link)

Sounds like a couple of swingin’ Indian Ocean hot-spots, does it not? Instead, those are two of the actual names of locations in the area there, known as the Andaman Islands. Click on the two links below, then zoom in, and you’ll find various full-size airstrips, capable of handling a Boeing 777!

I’m not making light of the plight of the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 flight. If they’re all still alive somewhere, it is not going to be some sort of exciting “adventure” for them. If the plane was commandeered by crazed Muslims*, it could only be with pure evil intent. But since we know almost¬†nothing, at this point, all we can do is speculate.

http://binged.it/1im3BBO (shows the whole area)

http://binged.it/1d2ofSs ¬†(shows Nicobar’s airstrip)

* Oh, did I say Muslims? I meant Catholics, or maybe…Tea-Party types!