KJUS Comes To Greenwich Avenue (finally!)

The kjus men's Hublot Limited Edition, price upon request (ok, it's $4,000)

The kjus men’s Hublot Limited Edition, price upon request (ok, it’s $4,000)

Friends, you know we dwell on the positive here at Bored And Razed, but the more sensitive among you possibly detected signs that Gideon possessed a secret sorrow. That sorrow has now disappeared because luxury sportswear company KJUS * has come to Greenwich.

Greenwich, as you know, is the land of opportunity. If you wake up one day and say, “I want the opportunity to spend $7,000 on a sports coat, you have only to breeze down to 359 Greenwich Avenue, step into Richard’s and say, “Gimmie that Kiton blue cashmere, silk, and linen in a 42-L” and bingo, it’s yours.

But suppose instead you wanted the opportunity to buy a $4,000 ski parka, what then? Well, until last week, here in Greenwich, you were outta luck, Charley. Sure, you could slip over to Outdoor Traders, 55 Arch Street, and pick up a perfectly nice Bogner $1,100 ski coat, but if you think your friends at Vail won’t be sniggering behind your back, you’re fooling yourself. The message can never be “I’m doing well”, it must always be “I’m rolling in it!”

* Cognoscente know that the “K” and the “J” are silent, so it’s pronounced “Oose”, rhymes with “goose”.