Director Spike Lee Calls For Affirmative-Action Oscars

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The saddest part of this is that the loonies are actually pressuring comedian Chris Rock to boycott his own Oscar’s┬ámaster of ceremonies job! Why? The nominees are Caucasian, not African American.

Maybe it’s time for the Justice Department to…

A. Launch an investigation, and then…

B. Reach a settlement with the movie studios that a “percentage” of Oscars must be awarded to non-whites. After all, it’s only fair!

Shirley Bassey At The Oscars: Sensational

Shirely Bassey sings "Goldfinger" at tonight's Oscar ceremony.

Shirely Bassey sings “Goldfinger” at tonight’s Oscar ceremony.

“Goldfinger” is the greatest Bond movie theme ever, primarily because of the performance of Shirley Bassey. Tonight at the Oscar ceremony, at age 76, she stepped on stage and belted that song out again, and she was amazing; not “amazing for age 76”, just plain ol’ amazing.

If you missed it, check it out on YouTube:
Shirley Bassey sings Goldfinger at the Oscars