The Mysteries Of Fame

I suppose SHE is ok to look at, but this "Tarek" guy has actually caused death-by-boredom is 45 countries.

I suppose SHE is ok to look at, but this “Tarek” guy has actually caused death-by-boredom in 45 countries.

History is replete, if that’s the word I want, with individuals who have experienced un-deserved, un-earned, even outright mysterious fame. Some might call Zsa Zsa Gabor an example, but I’d disagree; all the Gabor sisters had personality and charisma.

No, a good (current) example is Kim Kardashian, who, as far as I can tell, has absolutely nothing, no charm, no wit, no ability to act. Nothing there but a well-filled top and the bodacious booty (I’ve heard she’s actually a sharp businesswoman, but never mind that, I’m trying to make a point here).

But now, suddenly, a new, upcoming inductee to the Mediocrity Hall Of Fame has emerged, and his name is Tarek El Moussa (he looks to me like a “John Smith”, but we’ll accept that’s his real name, and that it’s the only thing remotely interesting about him!)

Wanna know how certifiably dull this guy is? A study was conducted at the USC Health Sciences Campus in downtown Los Angles, just a block from the L.A. County morgue. A group of students was taken to the morgue and allowed to question six corpses for 30 minutes. They then returned to campus and watched 30 minutes of Mr. El Moussa’s home improvement-house-flipping program “Flip Or Flop“. All of the students reported that the corpses were infinitely more entertaining than Mr. El Moussa!

Dead people…more interesting! Now THAT’S dull.

Does this mean I don’t like the program Flip Or Flop? No, and I’ll tell you why: It provides you with very good information, like what should a simple bathroom renovation cost? What tiles look best with that kitchen counter? Is this house even worth renovating?

If you can just endure the hideous monotone voice of (the lovely) Christina El Moussa, who, let’s be honest, appears to be the brains of this operation, and the personality-free, graduate of the Little Rascals School of Acting, Tarek El Moussa, you can actually learn a thing or two!