1 Sinawoy Road, Darien, CT


1 Sinawoy Road, Darien, CT, now reduced to $3.995M. Listed by Nancy Dauk at Halstead.

What, Darien again?? Well dammit, I can’t help it if the most picturesque properties happen to be in Darien. I don’t plan on moving there, but if I did, it would be to a place like this one.

Flip through the pictures, see if you agree. I particularly like the grounds with the willow trees, the river, the meadow, all idyllic, if you ask me. The pool’s nice, too,¬†although the mysterious silver balls floating in it remind me strangely of that old British drama, “The Prisoner”.

Oh, and look at the library: real, actual books, can you imagine? Maybe they were placed there by the decorator, but I like to think the owners have actually read them, wouldn’t that be quaint!


P.S. Yes, I know that in Greenwich it would be an instant tear-down, thank you.

1 Sinawoy (alternative link)