Robert Redford Grimacing

Redford, in the movie All Is Lost...not bad for an old dude of 77.

Redford, in the movie All Is Lost…not bad for an old dude of 77.

There, I’ve done it, I’ve given you a nice, three-word summation of the new Redford movie All Is Lost. I watched it last night at Stamford’s Avon Theatre, one of my favorite movie venues, because it’s a great old place, plus, there’s a dozen restaurants within 300 feet of it.

If you sail at all, you’re likely drawn to almost any “survival at sea” story, and this one doesn’t disappoint in that regard. But still, it lacks a certain…. something (the reviewer I linked to above states it in a more descriptive manner). After awhile, the sight of Redford grimacing became painful to watch. I was never bored by this film, but I don’t think I would insist on anyone seeing it.

One final thought: My first Robert Redford movie, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, I saw as a wee lad, in 1969. FORTY FOUR YEARS LATER, Redford’s still making movies. That’s pretty amazing.