Ronan Farrow: Barely Heard Of Him, Already Sick Of Him

Could this be Ronan Farrow, Senior??

Could this be Ronan Farrow, Senior??

Sammy Farrow, Junior, Junior...Time to go away.

Sammy Farrow, III…Time to go away.

Wow, has it been 15 minutes already? Apparently yes, because it’s time for “Ronan Farrow” to leave the public stage. But wait, wasn’t his “real father” a member of the famous Rat Pack? Possibly, and my bet is Sammy Davis Junior or, possibly, Peter Lawford, but seriously, do you care?

Better yet, ask yourself this question: Who do you care less about, Justin Bieber or Ronan Farrow? ┬áSee?, you’re struggling with that question… Case closed.