Greenwich High-End Takes Off

455 Lake Avenue, $26.5M, listed one day, sold the next... Wow.

555 Lake Avenue, $26.5M, listed one day, sold the next…

Ok, it’s happened…I’ve been holding back from saying it, but I can no longer pretend that, even at the extreme high end of Greenwich real estate, we are now, finally seeing the beginnings of a full recovery.

555 Lake Avenue, listed Wednesday for $26,500,000 now has a signed deal. That is big, my friends, very big. And when you combine it with the recently sold 3.5 acre parcel on Field Point Circle for $24,000,000 (sold direct, reportedly to a neighbor), plus some other fresh major sales, we have the makings of a healthy high-end!

Can’t say as much for the rest of the American economy, but here in Greenwich? Things are swell.