What Are “Beach Rights” Worth?

226 Riverside Avenue, $1.795M. Who knew it had beach rights?

226 Riverside Avenue, $1.745M. Who knew it had beach rights?

Here’s our chance to find out!

226 Riverside Avenue, which had sat around for years, on and off the sale market, finally found multiple bidders last July and went $53,050 over its asking price, selling for $853,000. The buyer turns out to be an investor who has now done a total re-do, including (my favorite) a beautiful new cedar roof.

But the most notable “improvement” is the addition of Willomere Beach rights. No previous listing of this property, going back to 1992 when it fetched $287,000, ever mentioned the existence of such rights. So who did the detective work required to unearth this information,  the broker, the lawyer, the buyer? 

I’ll be the first to admit, Willomere Beach ain’t exactly Tod’s Point, but it is substantially better than nothing (see photos included on listing)! Having that little beach to sit around on or launch a kyack from adds genuine value. But how much? $100,000? $200,000? You tell me.

(Here’s the “before picture” of 226 Riverside Avenue)

List: Lisa Weicker