Greenway Island Becomes… A Bargain?

Greenway Island, Stamford,CT, now priced at $8.995M. Now will you look?

Greenway Island, Stamford, CT, last priced at $12.8M, newly re-listed at $8.995M.  Now will ya look?

Wow, there’s nothing like a ten million dollar price reduction to freshen up a listing!

140 Wallacks Drive, as I wrote recently, came on the market way back when, at the rather princely sum of $18,900,000. Various listings, with various prices, and various brokers, all came and went. Now it is back on with a new broker and a new price, $8,995,000, zounds!

So is it a “bargain”? I’m not sure, and that’s exactly why, when a client wants to buy outside of Greenwich, I refer them to a local expert. Anyway, if you’re about to buy waterfront anywhere near this price range, you owe it to yourself to go look at this one.

List: Charlotte Felt