One More Reminder Of Jimmy Carter



Let’s see, we’ve got the first murdered ambassador since…the Carter Administration. An economic collapse not seen since…the Carter Administration. A feckless foreign policy that rewards enemies and punishes allies, not seen since…the you-know-who Administration. And now, gas lines are back! We haven’t seen these since…well, you know.

The only thing missing is double-digit inflation. At least we know that will NEVER happen!
PICTURED: Yesterday’s 20-car line up at Cos Cob Citgo station.

Last Night’s Mystery Call



Around 9:45 PM last night we got our third “robo-call” from Greenwich Police Captain Michael Kordick, this time warning that the storm surge was now estimated to be “17 feet above normal”.

That was a game-changer so my brother John, getting the same call, decided to evacuate my mother from her (well-elevated) waterfront home. That put him and me in a variety of dangerous situations over the next few hours.

Turns out, the water only rose about one foot higher than the No-name storm of 1992. No question this was a horrendous surge, but “17 feet”?? More like 11 feet, in my estimate.

My question: What state agency ordered the Greenwich Police to make that call and where, oh where, did that surge estimate come from?