8 Utility Trucks Working On Patterson!



Wow, and gee! Could it be? (As you know, I take a rather personal interest in Patterson Ave).
These trucks came all the way from….I think the guy said Ohio.


One More Reminder Of Jimmy Carter



Let’s see, we’ve got the first murdered ambassador since…the Carter Administration. An economic collapse not seen since…the Carter Administration. A feckless foreign policy that rewards enemies and punishes allies, not seen since…the you-know-who Administration. And now, gas lines are back! We haven’t seen these since…well, you know.

The only thing missing is double-digit inflation. At least we know that will NEVER happen!
PICTURED: Yesterday’s 20-car line up at Cos Cob Citgo station.

Last Night’s Mystery Call



Around 9:45 PM last night we got our third “robo-call” from Greenwich Police Captain Michael Kordick, this time warning that the storm surge was now estimated to be “17 feet above normal”.

That was a game-changer so my brother John, getting the same call, decided to evacuate my mother from her (well-elevated) waterfront home. That put him and me in a variety of dangerous situations over the next few hours.

Turns out, the water only rose about one foot higher than the No-name storm of 1992. No question this was a horrendous surge, but “17 feet”?? More like 11 feet, in my estimate.

My question: What state agency ordered the Greenwich Police to make that call and where, oh where, did that surge estimate come from?