Two That Finally Sold

Well, that took a long time, didn’t it..

331 Round Hill Road and 24 Dawn Harbor Lane are finally off the market.

The first one has closed, the second has reported “accepted offer, contracts”, and both took years to sell. Something wrong with either house? No! In both cases, it was the price, but try telling that to the average Greenwich home seller. Just human nature, I guess, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. The whole process should take around 60 days, start-to-finish.

331 Round Hill Road, started at $4.1M, Sept. 2010, has now sold for $1.9M, a bargain.

331 Round Hill Road, started at $4.1M, Sept. 2010, has now sold for $1.9M, a bargain.

6 thoughts on “Two That Finally Sold

    • Anon:
      Yah, Dawn Harbor is indeed a “nice part of Riverside”, one of the pricier ones, naturally. This particular house, on flat, usable land, was a fairly standard “builder colonial” that the owners paid $3.4M for, back in March, 2007.
      Buying in 2007 in some other parts of town would have doomed these owners to a 20%+ loss, but this being Riverside, they expected to at least get their money back. For some reason, the Riverside magic didn’t quite work, so they wasted 2 years, and probably 100 showings, only to have to ultimately take a small loss, probably a few hundred thousand.

    • Cos:
      We can “imagine it”, but sadly, it must remain a fantasy. Several years ago, the Round Hill Association voted to prohibit Cos Cob residents from moving to Round Hill or ANY of its side streets…

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