About Gideon (gideonfountain@me.com)

I was “bored and razed” * in Greenwich, CT and have been selling real estate here lo these twenty-five winters. I know what I’m talking about but I’m always prepared to be set straight by your wisdom…

I can be reached at the address above or: GFountain@HoulihanLawrence.com

*A play on the common phrase “born and raised”…get it?

NOTE: All images reproduced on this site are used with the permission of listing brokers.

You will note that there is no advertising on this blog (for one thing, I’m using free, as in, no charge, WordPress, and they don’t allow it).
But every once in a while, I’ll post a “free plug of the week”. When I do this, I’m recommending a product or service that I’ve used and liked. Whatever it is, I’ve paid full price for it, and received nothing in return for my plug.

20 thoughts on “About Gideon (gideonfountain@me.com)

    • Local yokel:
      The “comment area” is nearly invisible , I am attempting to fix. My VermontGoodWood firewood was….are you sitting down?….$290. That’s for a stack measuring 8′ X 4′ X 16″. An actual “cord” of wood should measure 8′ X 4′ X 4′, so I’m getting WAY less than a cord.

  1. Found you researching J House (yeah, holy horrendous website)…um, thanks for entertaining Mr. Bechem’s math class with that glasses routine back in 198…6? Just thought I’d blow your mind a little. 🙂

    • Sandy York:
      Ha! My mind’s already blown, but thanks. Did you go check out J-House? I was back last week and had a few issues, but I still do like it a lot.

      I forgot about “teaching” Bechem’s math class! Can’t even remember WHY he let me! What was the “glasses routine”?

      • Going next week. The part I remember was about how you could use glasses to make a point by taking them off and gesticulating with them…but there was a whole routine around that. There were a ton of theater kids in that class, and we decided you were worthy of our not abusing the sub. (congrats)

      • Sandy York:
        Ahh, THAT “glasses routine”! Forgot. Seem to recall getting laughs with that one. Anyway, thanks for not “abusing the sub” (but I think I could’ve handled it).
        Report back to the readers about your J-House experience. I have an idea of doing a comedy show there soon.

      • Even I remember the glasses routine and I’ve had memory-erasing radio chemotherapy. I think your memory went south when your mind got blown.

  2. Of course you could have handled it, but that’s less fun (been there, handled that). I’ll take notes between sips…

  3. Hi Gideon,
    I found your blog while looking for J House, where my 40th GHS reunion is being held this month. Good to read your take on the place–I’ll be staying there. I also grew up in Riverside, and remember you somewhat… Our moms were friends, and I have wonderful memories of your grandmother, Leatrice Joy Gilbert, the only Sunday School teacher I had who took us to a movie (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and had a snowball fight with us! She was a great one. Anyhow, nice to hear a name from the past.
    Joan Wolcott

    • Joan:
      Say, wait a sec, she took me to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, as well! And I recall a snowball fight, too. Maybe I came along for that “field trip”. Anyway, yes, they don’t make ’em like my grandmother anymore. She became a major movie star by the time she was 26 years old and remained a “star” her entire life; she was the very definition of “charisma”.

  4. I too was bored and razed in Greenwich, but am now selling Real Estate in McLean, VA. The Southern Greenwich with less glitz and no charm. My sister still lives in Old Greenwich and is a fan of yours. If you know anyone moving to our Nation’s Capitol, give me a shout: (703) 629-9211.

  5. “Greenwich Magazine June 2012 issue cover story “Who Killed George Smith”… I’m still not convinced this was murder. With all due respect to the prodigious efforts of my pal Mike Jones, stalwart attorney at Ivey, Barnum & O’Mara, who was hired by the Smith family…, it still sounds to me like an accident.”



    “Because this is me, Gideon Fountain, I won’t shame and embarrass… “But Gid”, I hear you say, “give the fellow a break, it’s a tough market!” Oh really? Then how do you explain all these easy sales of specs in the last six months?”


    “In Hollywood and other forms of fiction, the source… is ALWAYS the corporation.”

    Gideon Fountain, Facebook post, July 20, 2011

    • Ok, checked with the family genealogists and they agree, I am undoubtedly related to “anyone named Gideon Fountain from the New York City area.” But this harbormaster title, that’s a total mystery to all.
      Anyway, what’s it to ya, Frank Harding?

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