A Real, Live, Greenwich “Bargain”?

The difficulty in deciding whether a particular property in this town is indeed a “bargain”, or at least, a good deal, is that, within our 48 square miles of territory, there are dozens and dozens of different neighborhoods and zones, ranging from Field Point Circle’s fabulous 2-acre, waterfront zone, to the little slivers of property, as small as .09 acres, off  Byram’s Delavan Avenue, in the R-7 zone, where the minimum lot size is required to be 7,500 square feet (except when it’s even smaller!). 

Consider this: A nice, square 1-acre building lot on Riverside’s Club Road would sell for what, $3,000,000 or more? But go one and a half miles away, to Cos Cob’s “Dandy Drive” (off Nifty, corner of Spiffy) and you find that a beautiful acre (with a nice tear-down thrown in) can be had for a mere $785,000!

Check out 44 Dandy Drive, which closed Friday.

And here’s the street history for Dandy Drive, where the highest sale price so far has been around $2.5M. Club Road, on the other hand, has hit $8.675M.

So is the Dandy sale a “bargain”, or simply a reasonable price for that lot on that street?

List:  Anthony Chimblo

Sell:  Ted Thaxter 

44 Dandy Drive, asks $799,000, gets $785,000.

44 Dandy Drive, asks $799,000, gets $785,000. Here is Bing Maps aerial view of the property. Little known fact: Dandy Drive begins in the R-12 zone, then jumps to the R-1 zone.

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