Public Open House Today, Oct. 6th: 100 Club Road, 1:00-4:00


100 Club Road, $4.897M. Spectacular view (best on a sunny day, naturally).

Yep, now you can actually see for yourself the famous view that sits at the top of this blog! Not to mention, you get to meet Gid Fountain, himself (by all accounts, a rare treat that you can someday tell your grandchildren about!).

100 Club Road, Riverside, CT 06878

Hours: 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Newly reduced price: $4,897,000!

14 thoughts on “Public Open House Today, Oct. 6th: 100 Club Road, 1:00-4:00

    • Ants:
      The island you refer to, featured prominently in my blog cover photo, is shared by the owners of my listing, and the folks next door, who own what you would remember as the “Brod” property.

      • I thought so. Do you remember there was a raised walkway (falling apart even way back then) on which you could walk out to the island?

      • I think the original estate owner was a Greek shipping magnate (Kakyanos or something like that). who built the original big house in the ’20s. I have a dim notion too the estate had a name, a simple one along the lines of: “The Seven Acres.” I wonder if the Greenwich Historical Society has any info on the place; it must have been a grand property before Jack Brod chopped it up, something we witnessed as kids.

  1. I’m guessing you are never going to agree I had a point about properties next to clubs, no matter how many price cuts they have to take…….

  2. How are taxes so dirt cheap on 2.1 acres of direct waterfront? $44k is chump change by todays standards. Or maybe the better question is, once a new big home is erected on this land, what is the likely tax load to be? Over $100K?

  3. This is not meant to be a snarky question. Is this house in the flood zone and therefore needs to be elevated to do any major renovations? If so, how much does it need to be elevated?

    • Anon:
      No, the house at 100 Club Road was untouched by tropical storm Sandy, and, in fact, has never been flooded during its 52-year existence. Its first floor is 12 1/2 feet above mean high tide , so to meet current standards, the house would need to be raised about 6 inches. It is more likely, however, that the next owner will build new.

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