Joe Lhota’s Mom Endorses de Blasio

Telemundo's Jorge Ramos asks: "What reasons would you give to [illegal immigrants] to vote for you?" Guess what? They both happily answered the question!

Mayoral candidates, Mutt & Jeff. ¬†Telemundo’s Jorge Ramos asked both: “What reasons would you give to [illegal immigrants] to vote for you?” and guess what? They both happily answered the question!

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised, if she had watched tonight’s pathetic “debate” between these two very liberal candidates. There’s barely a difference between the two!

5’4″ Lhota stood shoulder to shoulder with 6’8″ de Blasio as they competed to tell us how much each would do for the City’s growing population of illegal immigrants:

“Driver’s licenses!”, shouted the giant de Blasio.

“Library cards!”, countered the diminutive Lhota.

“I’ll make sure they have free health care!”, promised de Blasio.

“Access to all educational resources, including City universities!”, answered the midget.

(I’m serious, those are actual quotes)

The only time they both declined to take the bait from Telemundo reporter Jorge Ramos, was when he asked them whether they favored letting illegals vote “in local elections”. Amazingly, both these knuckle-heads drew the line on that one. But don’t worry, they’ll vote anyway.

What a travesty.

2 thoughts on “Joe Lhota’s Mom Endorses de Blasio

  1. The oddest part of this whole mayoral debacle (to steal a word from Sebelius), is that the Republican committee thought, even for a split second, that Lhota had one quality that would make him mayor-worthy. He’s afraid of his own shadow. But had you asked me months ago whether New Yorkers would overwhelming elect deBlasio, I would have called you nuts.

    I’m the only one of my extended family to have moved to the country- the rest, all siblings and in-laws live in Manhattan. My brother tells me people with money are buying apartments left and right, a way to park their money, fearful of what deBlasio will do with it if its not tied down.

    The only good that will come of deBlasio’s win next week is that the god-awful ad with his flower-headband wearing hippie dippie daughter won’t be played anymore. Don’t you wonder if they will move in to the mayor’s mansion? It’ll be an interesting decision for them. I bet they don’t. Man of the people and all. “Whatever”*

    [*attributed quote, Kathleen Sebelius, 10.30.13]

    • LM:
      The wealthier people are, the better they are at protecting their assets from politicians. That said, I wonder how “the rich” will fare with a strategy of parking money in high-priced condos and co-ops. When New York goes bad, it does so fairly rapidly, and the first thing to fall is the prices of real estate. What a grand experiment this shall be!

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