Open Houses Today

42 John Street, perched at the top of Greenwich's "Round Hill", yours for $7.250M.

42 John Street, perched at the top of Greenwich’s “Round Hill”, yours for $7.250M.

Brokers don’t necessarily come back from open houses buzzing about any particular listings, but today was different; these are the two that seemingly everyone loved:

42 John Street

155 Pecksland Road

Of the two, perhaps John Street edges out Pecksland by a nose, based solely on its spectacular setting, some 600 feet above sea level (FEMA still not impressed!), with views straight to Oyster Bay, Long Island.

And the house, built in 1958, seemed brand new, like a perfectly restored Aston Martin DB 5. It seems impossible that the house is 56 years old!

Pecksland was also unbelievably impressive, with perfectly chosen colors, textures, furniture, just beautiful. And the lawns? Does the word “velvety” strike a chord? Absolute perfection.

As up-to-date as both these beauties are, however, they still are not the big, huge, 13-foot ceiling mega-mansions that continue to be favored by the market. Both houses represent a test, in fact, of the whole concept of updating older houses (Pecksland was built 1931). Should you do it? Clearly in these two cases, the results appear to have been worth every penny, but will the market agree?

155 Pecksland Road, a steal at $5.595M. Possibly the finest J. Alden Twachtman house I've ever been in, and I've been in plenty.

155 Pecksland Road, a steal at $5.595M. Possibly the finest J. Alden Twachtman house I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in plenty.


6 thoughts on “Open Houses Today

  1. That home for $5.5M is terrific price for Greenwich. Homes with much less interior square footage in Carmel-by-the-Sea with nowhere near the lot size, nor with the design coherence, go for $6M+….

    • french:
      “Design coherence”, I like that, may have to borrow it. As for price, as I’m sure you agree, there’s no sense comparing prices in two different places. That said, this one does seem to have a skillfully chosen price, so I’ll predict a fairly quick sale.

  2. Dude, I’m pretty sure the highest point in Greenwich is located atop of the highest points along Riversville Road at the intersection of John Street. It tops out at about 550 at that point. Pecksland is much lower, probably 250 to 350.

    • Cos:
      Er, yes old chum, I was indeed referring to the John Street listing. And, as you say, the highest point in Greenwich happens to be the corner of John and Riversville, where the Audubon Nature Center is located.

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