Town Hall Right Now…


P&Z Committee, along with (the great) Paul Pugliese, seen at right, of the Greenwich Land Company, as he presents sensible alternatives to the existing regulations.

UPDATE: Sometime around midnight, the upstanding members of the Planning & Zoning Committee deigned to inform everyone that, after TWO YEARS of meetings and discussions with Realtors, builders, and unhappy property owners, the Committee will….

“Continue to think about this issue”…

Crowded Planning & Zoning meeting going on right now. This is the second meeting where we all discuss how to fix the TERRIBLE zoning regulations that are presently distorting the appearance of new construction and encouraging the destruction of older homes.

7 thoughts on “Town Hall Right Now…

  1. I love the new Fire House. Remember you complained about keeping some of the old architectural details…well guest what. Still has charm because of those small (expensive I’m sure) additions.

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