Must Modern Mean Ugly?

Welcome to my warm & cozy living room!
340 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, $9.499M, now pending.
Listing agent: Michael Ferraro of Compass.

Brings new meaning to the phrase “home office”, does it not?
The Modern, 125 Field Point Road, Greenwich, priced in the $3Ms. Web-site:
Listing agent: Tamar Lurie & Jen Danzi of Coldwell Banker.
(Caucasian guy on the right there is CGI, no royalties paid)

Some of these new dwellings appearing in Greenwich lately strike me as cold, stark, and maybe even ugly. They have all the warmth and ambiance of some Silicon Valley corporate headquarters, or perhaps a brand new airport waiting area. In short, they don’t feel “livable”.

Does the market agree with me? Hell no! 340 Stanwich Road went “pending” in about 50 days and the Richard Granoff condos known as “The Modern” have already sold 9 of the 12 units available. So I’m wrong and the architects are right…. fine.

Both of these places are undeniably cool and daring but to actually live in them full time? No, no, and no (but I will attend parties there, if invited).

Link to MLS listings:

340 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, CT

125 Field Point Road, unit B-1, Greenwich, CT





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