Heather Platt’s done it again!

Confound it!  Don’t you people realize “nothing’s selling”?  Now comes this latest outrage: Broker Heather Platt, with a new listing last week at 7 Sparrow Lane, off Greenwich’s Parsonage Road, already has a deal!  Don’t know yet who the selling broker is but whoever it is clearly used Realtor voodoo on the hapless buyer*.

*Kidding, of course.  This place was a %&#@ing bargain and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there were multiple bids.

7 Sparrow Lane, offered at $2,025,000.

3 thoughts on “Heather Platt’s done it again!

  1. The ‘deal’ on 7 Sparrow Lane is the following: Heather Platt is the cousin of the female owner’s brother-in-law, in a less than arm-length’s transaction that was orchestrated by the very sister (New Canaan realtor) of said owner in a rip-off, gang-up, fake foreclosure action against that longstanding Greenwich owner. All wrapped up in a trust and estates ‘taking’ of that upstanding Greenwich owner’s savings and inheritance…and which drove her out of town courtesy of the shady dealings down at Greenwich Probate. A VERY despicable and sad story.

    • Rob:
      Hmmm, I’m not so sure. I’m looking at the tax record on this place and I see there was $4,175,000 worth of debt on a $2,000,000 property; doesn’t sound like a “fake” foreclosure to me. Furthermore, it took more than two months to go to contract, with a buyer represented by a broker completely unrelated to Ms. Platt, Mr. Russ Pruner. That all sounds above board, as well. Finally, town records indicate the property was owned and sold by “T E D Industries Corp” (also listed as “Ter Industries Corp”) with a mailing address of 537 Steamboat Road, #100, Greenwich, CT. Care to explain/elaborate?

      • The ‘seller’ (selling under TER industries) is the very next door neighbor, K. Meberg, which went through her father’s estate. The 537 Steamboat Rd suite 100 is office address to one R. Margenot, esq. of trust & estates fame, who curiously also represents, in both Probate court and Stamford court, a foreclosure on the 7 Sparrow Lane prop as well as the erstwhile female owner’s mother’s property at 8 Lyon Farm Drive – for whom he is even more curiouser the mother’s probate appointed Conservator…before both these foreclosures. Also involved is an apparent high profile CT divorce (in the case of the 7 Sparrow prop). Ever heard of laundering all sorts of ‘family estate’ monies through real estate and mortgage fraud transactions? Well, yes, sir, they do exist…right there in prime real estate land Greenwich, Ct and home, of course, to many private equity and hedge funds supporting (underwriting) same. And various ‘trusts’ not always apparent on the land records either.

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