Bored And Raised DOUBLES number of readers in Chile

You know I don’t usually brag, I find it unattractive, but a few months ago, I set a goal of doubling my readership in Chile and today it’s happened*, even faster than I hoped. So I want to take this moment to congratulate my readers, my well-paid staff, my style consultant, and of course, my amigos cercanos in the Republic of Chile. Gracias, mis amigos Chilenos!

* According to WordPress “site stats”, I no longer have one Chilean reader, I have two.

Chile's Mapuche Indians; see those two dudes on the left? They read me.

8 thoughts on “Bored And Raised DOUBLES number of readers in Chile

  1. Gid,

    I am travelling in Chile and Uruguay on business this week. I am sorry, but your net is not quite as large as you had hoped. Doesn’t make you any less influential.

  2. I will be in London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich and Paris in mid-April, so try and limit your excitement during that period as well. 🙂

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