8 thoughts on “That ol’ Belle Haven Magic…

  1. Great looking house. I wonder about the garage situation tho. There are only two bays, and it would be quite difficult to back out of them. Perhaps another bay could be added in between…?

    • TraderVic:
      Well, it’s oversized at 1.43 acres in the R-1 zone, so the FAR regulation allows 8,409 square feet. But this place already has 10,780 sq ft, so…. I’d guess no more garages.

      • What happens when a house is oversized for the lot based on FAR regulations? They don’t come to your house and make you tear part of it down, do they? How does a house get to this point? Was the square footage in place before the regulations were?

      • New in Town:
        The word here is “grandfathered” which the American Heritage Dictionary defines thusly: To exempt (someone or something) from a new regulation that prohibits or restricts something.

        So this Belle Haven house was, as you surmised, built WAY before anyone thought about “FAR” limitations and is therefore grandfathered (exempt).

  2. For those people who liked the furnishing, wow. I like modern, but not in a Victorian. The kitchen looks like someone bought the closeout kitchen at the NYC Home Show. How this goes for anywhere within 25% of ask is a mystery to me . . .

  3. Well JJ it is a sufficient mystery that you have posted the question on 2 websites. The math seems pretty simple. If you are paying close to $10.75 MM for a Belle Haven house chances are you can afford $150K to redo the kitchen cabinets in a style that meets your preferences. The furnishings presumably are not nailed to the floor, therefore you are also free to furnish and decorate in any style.

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