The Reluctant Detective (or why Gideon doesn’t quit his day job)

Gideon Fountain (wearing hat), alongside actual actor Bristol Pomeroy, in soon-to-be-released “The Reluctant Detective”.

Speaking of movies, here’s one of my latest efforts, a funny little murder mystery called

The Reluctant Detective“, directed by Christopher Lombardi, and reminiscent of the great William Powell/Myrna Loy “Thin Man” series from the 1930’s.

You would think, wouldn’t yew, that having not one, but two movie star grandparents, I would possess some degree of acting talent. Sadly, it seems I was born for real estate!

(Click on the link for a YouTube clip of the movie; my character shows up around minute 2:48 of this 8 1/2 minute clip)

10 thoughts on “The Reluctant Detective (or why Gideon doesn’t quit his day job)

  1. Cant wait to watch this at home. I had no idea you realtors sat around making home made movies inbetween polishing your cars and taking lousy camera photos for your million dollar listings.

  2. You’re too hard on yourself; you at least keep getting cast in pictures. I, too, had a go at acting and quickly discovered even if I resembled our grandfather somewhat in appearance I possessed absolutely none of his talent (it didn’t help matters I also found the whole business rather silly–not a good attitude for an actor). It didn’t take long to realize I had to find another line of work.

  3. Okay, I watched the trailer and it left me asking, who funded this Ed Wood like film? Now thats the real story; worthy of a movie.

  4. Dude, now I see you have four moivies per, amazing. When is the Gideon fountain film festival and how many times a day do you watch firehouse?

    • Cos Cobber:
      Ahhh, good ol’ “Firehouse”! Back in the ’80’s, fresh out of acting school, I was cast in what appeared to be a fun crime-caper movie called “Golden Chariots” or something, set to shoot in the Bahamas. The beautiful co-star and I began scuba lessons at the Colombia University swimming pool, only to have to quit a few days later when funding fell through.

      Very quickly after that I got the role of “TV reporter John Anderson” in Firehouse, again featuring a lust scene with a beautiful co-star. These were dopey little low-budget independent films, but that’s all most actors can get in the beginning (Julia Roberts has a minuscule role in Firehouse, for instance).

      Firehouse actually made it to movie theaters and played endlessly on some cable network called MoveChannel?Showtime? Whatever. UPDATE: The network was called “CineMax”!]

      Years later, how’s my “movie career” doing? Yep, still making those dopey little independent films! Sigh…

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