The High-End Market Stinks (except for these recent sales)

15 Andrews Road (off lower North Street, "close to town")

15 Andrews Road (off lower North Street, “close to town”)

I won’t deny that high-end real estate sales have fallen off, attributed to a variety of factors, from fear-of-Hillary/fear-of-Trump, to the US government’s crack down on anonymous foreign purchasers, and according to “Zero Hedge”, the sky has truly fallen.

But somehow, through the turmoil, the Greenwich market keeps chugging along. Not racing, not even “cruising” along, but nevertheless, things are getting sold. Does it often take a bunch of price reductions to get the job done? Yes. Are this year’s selling prices still below 2007 levels, in some parts of town? Yes.

Let’s consider just the seven millions…how many properties have sold in this rarefied category in the last 100 days? The answer is six. Here they are:

4 Cherry Blossom Lane

32 Lower Cross Road

81 Husted Lane

4 Cliffdale Road

15 Andrews Road

14 Rockwood Lane (pending)

Note: As usual, I must use Houlihan Lawrence’s website to display these listings because the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service imposes a time limit on their links, very annoying. Houlihan was on one side or the other for three of these deals, but the others were represented by competing firms.



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