51 North Stanwich Road

Broker Brad Hvolbeck (the”v” is silent), fresh off his spectacular sale of 23-years-on-the-market-44 Upper Cross Road, is refusing to rest on his laurels* and has just put…

51 North Stanwich Road

on the market.  This has always been one of my favorites, here’s why:  You know that old adage “buy the cheapest house on the most expensive street”? Well, this is the place that adage was written for.

It’s a cute little fieldstone cottage (comes with another cute little cottage) on 1 acre, on a street almost entirely made up of mansions on multi-acre lots.  Get the picture?

*Ever rested on laurels?  Don’t, they’re spiky.

9 thoughts on “51 North Stanwich Road

  1. That’s really awesome. Perfect if someone wants to downsize, but stay in backcountry. Does the 1 acre stop you from being able to add anything to the main house?

    • D:
      Yes, by jingies, it does! Up there in the 4-acre zone, your FAR multiplier is .0625 so, for example, if you have exactly the required 4 acres, the Town magnanimously “allows” you to build 10,890 square feet of above ground living space (and all you want, underground). But in the case of 51 North Stanwich Road, with only .96 acres your FAR allowance is 2,613.6 feet. According to the listing, there are 2,200 square feet already present, so that leaves you a miserly 413 square feet of additional expansion.

      • 400sf is enough to add a small bedroom and second bathroom for the second floor… that’s enough for the house to be very livable. Needs the right person though… very cool property.

    • Anon:
      Well, you’re justified in asking “what can you do there?”, in light of it’s grossly under-sized lot. But you would not be the buyer for this place. This is for the guy/gal who wants a weekend “retreat”, and will be satisfied with the existing size and having that extra guest house. And, despite the lack of development potential, I still believe that your value is protected by the proximity of the mega-mansions.

  2. A lot of us 30-something’s with small kids who want to still live in the city are buying our weekend homes and renting in Manhattan. Some are buying their getaway places where they are likely to settle once the wifey says dear, we need more space. If I were the broker for this place, I’d market it exclusively to people like us.

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