Public Open House: oh boy!

122 Cedar Cliff Road, Riverside, CT 06878

Yep, I’m running one at my $4.5M tear-down* (nestled among $20M+ estates) today, 2:00-4:00 PM. And remember, it’s “Daylight Savings Time” (bah!), so don’t forget to– er – Spring back and Fall forward! yeah, that’s it…

*for the likely buyer, that is.  Me? I could live in this house no problem.


Is This What Your Ski House Should Look Like? Tune In Today!

Is this your idea of a charming, warm, and inviting ski house? Maybe it is!

From Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Magazine, this profile of an un-named Greenwich couple’s new, ultra-modern Vermont ski house is the one of the lead features.

Listen to the radio show this morning at 11:00 and you’ll hear us make fun of it, or, at the very least, disagree with the concept of building a Manhattan-style Soho loft apartment in the middle of the woods.

Go to:

Darkness Will Remain

Central Greenwich, mere feet from my office, a grand old tree bites the dust (and takes a chunk of downtown’s power with it)

Not to, er, depress anyone, but I took a little drive around the (totally dark) Riverside section of Greenwich this evening, not a single utility truck in sight. What’s our power company calling itself these days? Evercore? Eversore? anyway, they have plenty to do tonight and clearly Riverside is not at the top of the list.