Multiple Bids

16 Webb Avenue, Old Greenwich, has multiple offers and I’m not surprised. It is two buildings on .2 acres (R-7 zone), and the three separate rental units have a yearly rent roll reported to be $64,740 (I showed the place and the rents seem about right, maybe even a bit low).

Anyway, this looks like a pretty good deal, and it’s not to late to get your bid in, you have until Wednesday at 5 PM (my client declined).

16 Webb Avenue, Old Greenwich, $1.078M. Only 800 feet from Old Greenwich train station. What's not to like?

16 Webb Avenue, Old Greenwich, $1.078M. Only 800 feet from Old Greenwich train station. What’s not to like?

For The Week: 30 Accepted Offers

8 Taylor Drive. Cos Cob, $1.495M. Broker open house on Thursday, deal by Monday. Gideon Fountain. listing broker.

8 Taylor Drive. Cos Cob, $1.495M. Broker open house on Thursday, deal by Monday. Gideon Fountain. listing broker.

30 accepted offers, which includes:

8 executed contracts  (never reported as “accepted offer”)

1 multi-family dwelling

141 Cat Rock Road, Cos Cob, $1.295M. Had a deal. lost a deal, had a deal, signed a deal!

141 Cat Rock Road, Cos Cob, $1.295M. Had a deal. lost a deal, had a deal, signed a deal! List: BK Bates. Sell: Beverly Toepke.

For The Week: 32 Accepted Offers

75 Clapboard Ridge Road, $10.995M. As the French are fond of saying, "Oooh, la lå!"

75 Clapboard Ridge Road, $10.350M, accepted offer. As the French are (reportedly) fond of saying, “Oooh, la lå!”

And yes, these are all carefully “vetted” (no, not by Dr. Goldstein); no repeats, no mere status upgrades, just genuine new deals, all made in the last week.

32 accepted offers, including…

6 executed contracts (skipped “accepted offer” status)

1 multi-family

1 land listing

Martin Goldstein, Holistic Veterinarian

Marty Goldstein's excellent book. You don't have to read the whole thing, but use it as a reference, to look up specific pet problems.

Marty Goldstein’s excellent book. You don’t have to read the whole thing, but use it as a reference to look up specific pet problems.

I’m skeptical of everything, including skeptics. When it comes to medicine, conventional or alternative, I’m ultra-skeptical, although I readily acknowledge conventional medicine’s role in increasing the average American’s life expectancy by decades over the last century. Dogs and cats are missing out on this life expectancy improvement, however, because they suffer from multiple cancers and other serious health problems. A lot of it’s probably the result of over-breeding, and maybe low-quality food, but who knows?

So when The Pet Pantry alerted me to a Saturday morning lecture at their New Canaan branch by noted holistic veterinarian, Dr. Martin Goldstein, I went and listened, and was impressed. Not because of his celebrity clients, or his theories about “pollutants in our environment” and “climate change”, or even his somewhat extreme anti-vaccine philosophy*.  Nope, what impressed me was his observations, gleaned from a forty-year career, on what works and doesn’t work, for keeping cats and dogs healthy.

The next day, I started plowing through his 350-page book, “The Nature Of Animal Healing“.  This is not an easy book to read. Here is an excerpt:

“Another is an enzyme called SGOT – serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase. In people, SGOT is found both in muscle and liver cells. In animals, oddly enough, it’s found mostly in muscle. So its usefulness is specific. Yet it’s rarely noted unless a pet has, for example, acute heart disease; by then, all it does is indicate the obvious. Then there’s LDH – lactic dehydrogenase- which unfortunately is no longer included in most standard blood tests. LDH is closely involved with lactic acid, which builds up when carbohydrates from food are not being metabolized properly. Carbohydrate metabolism is handled primarily by the pancreas. So LDH is an especially good indicator of pancreatic function. And because of its link with lactic acid, it also tells us whether the blood is too acidic or too alkaline- a crucial yardstick for metabolic balance.”

See? It’s just a tad “dense”, wouldn’t you say? And what are the odds Dr. Goldstein’s celebrity clients, folks like Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, et al, have actually read even one page of this thing? Zero.

And given the average celebrity’s record on investing, choosing political candidates, or just making it through the day without saying something stupid, would you trust any decisions they make? You would not.  But you can trust me; this vet is worth considering. He and his associates can be found practicing animal medicine at:

Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, 1 Smith Ridge Road, South Salem, New York 10590  (914) 533-6066.

P.S. As a non-celebrity (kills me to write that), I was naturally shunted off to a mere “associate”, a Dr. Jacqueline Ruskin, but she is as well-qualified, and as steeped in the Goldstein philosophy as ol’ Marty himself.

* Goldstein’s against nearly all vaccines. If you want a further understanding, read the book.  In the meantime, take one piece of his advice: Don’t let your vet administer multiple vaccines to your pet on the same day.

Larry Kudlow On Saturday Morning Radio

Larry Kudlow, talking about the morality of capitalism vs. the immorality of socialism. Saturday mornings WABC radio, 10:00 AM, 770 AM dial.

Larry Kudlow, talking about the morality of capitalism vs. the immorality of socialism. Saturday mornings. WABC radio, 10:00 AM, 770 AM dial.

If you’re driving around this morning, tune in 770 on your AM dial at 10:00 AM, and listen to Larry Kudlow’s Saturday morning show on WABC radio. Kudlow and his guests, mostly economists and financial people, are an antidote to all the left-wing blather that poured over you during the week.

You may not even be aware of the pro-government slant of the usual news program, so Kudlow’s show might shock you, but I don’t think you’ll disagree with any of his conclusions. This week, I expect him to opine on Greenwich’s own David Stockman, among other things.

For The Week: 26 Accepted Offers

Ok, you regular readers know the drill…

These are pretty good numbers (as well they should be at this time of year) and we’re seeing a few bidding wars and properties getting deals before they’ve even had the broker open house; that’s a busy market.

Here are this week’s deals:

26 accepted offers, which includes…

4 executed contracts (that bypassed the “accepted offer” phase)

1 land listing

2 multi-families

548 Stanwich Road, $6.8M, truly amazing compound, is among this week's deals. Listing broker Catherine Stahl.

548 Stanwich Road, $6.8M, truly amazing compound, is among this week’s deals. Listing broker: Catherine Stahl.

Re-Thinking David Stockman

Mr. Stockman was interviewed this morning on the John Gambling radio show (WOR, 710 on your AM dial, or listen on your i-Phone) and he sounded almost… reasonable. Perhaps I was the victim, yet again, of New York Times “selective editing”?

At least, I think I’m the victim of sneaky Times editing; it’s possible Stockman himself constructed this excerpt from his newly released book, but I suspect a Times editor cherry-picked the book for anti-GOP material.

On the other hand, that Times piece also links to a different “Great Deformation” excerpt, something Stockman calls his “Economic Heroes/Villians” list, where we find he’s put Bill Clinton on the &%#@ing “heroes” side of the ledger (Roosevelt and Obama are on the “villians” side)!

You remember Clinton, he was the US president who went so far to the left that, two years into his first term, Americans voted both houses of congress Republican for the first time in 40 years. Those Republicans held the President’s feet to the fire and the result was several years of balanced US budgets, for the first time in 30 years.

But Clinton also orchestrated the ramping up of the Community Reinvestment Act, which forced banks to abandon all lending criteria for borrowers, which eventually led to a 7 trillion-dollar melt-down of the housing market. He’s no hero. Stockman thinks he is. That makes me question everything else Stockman believes.

Ol' Dave Stockman: In reality, it appears that his book slams both political parties equally.

Ol’ Dave Stockman: In reality, it appears that his book slams both political parties equally

35 Bramble Lane Sells, Record Price For Street?

Nope, it’s not. The street record belongs to 1 Bramble Lane, that fetched $4,050,000 in 2008. Second and third place goes to 26 Bramble, it got $3,725,000 in August, 2007, and then sold again, in February of this year, for $3,497,419.

So, for fourth place bragging rights, I give you…

35 Bramble Lane, Riverside (link shows before/after) sells for $3,325,000 a few days ago.

List: Kathryn Clauss and Joanne Mancuso

Sell: Diddle McAllister

35 Bramble Lane before. Cute little shack, but its time had come...

35 Bramble Lane Before (cute little shack, but its time had come…)


35 Bramble Lane…After (Really, really nice interior)

This was one of the many, many 1950’s split-level style tear-downs on Bramble and surrounding streets. As you’ll see on the above link, it sold for $1,250,000 in November, 2011. From start to finish, the builder got the job done in just one year and four months, which seems like quick work, given all the government-caused impediments that builders face.

The on-going replacement of the housing stock on the streets around Riverside School is, on the whole, a good thing. Sure, some of them look a bit oversized for their lots, but they all represent a huge improvement over the houses they replace. The 1950’s split-levels served their owners well over the years, but these days, their low ceilings and frankly “odd” layouts no longer cut it.

David Stockman Loses His Mind

If you were tempted to plow through Mr. Stockman’s latest multi-thousand word jeremiad on the causes of our coming economic collapse, appearing this week in the New York Times, I will summarize and spare you the trouble. Ready?

The whole thing was caused by, in order of importance, Milton Friedman’s theories on Federal Reserve money-supply manipulations and equations, Ronald Reagan’s tax-cuts, and…and….wait for it….George Bush and his un-funded wars!

Oh, and Nixon…and the GOP’s “war on the 99%” (That last line explains why the New York Times jumped at the chance to publish this thing. Possibly, former Enron advisor/Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman, was unavailable to write his regular column on why government spending needs to be doubled?).

So there you have it, the root causes of America’s decline into bankruptcy have finally been identified by economic genius, David Stockman. Never mind President Obama’s doubling of the national debt, to $16 trillion in a mere four years, and his creation of an entirely new entitlement, “free” health care, that will cost tax-payers trillions and trillions. None of that concerns Stockman.

And that 10-year effort by the Clinton Administration, dozens of Democrat senators, representatives, Justice Department lawyers , and bureaucrats, throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, to force all types of lending institutions to reduce or even eliminate credit standards for mortgage borrowers? All in the name of ending “discrimination”? This effort to vigorously expand and enforce the benignly titled “Community Re-Investment Act”, that led to the complete collapse of the US housing market and almost the world economic system? Sorry, no, this barely appears on Stockman’s radar (and besides, it was Wall Street’s fault!)

So, for the lazy, here’s the Cliff Notes version of Stockman’s brilliant explanation of who’s to blame:
Friedman, Nixon, Reagan, Bush. Got it?


Just like Mayor Bloomberg! Fabulously wealthy and economically illiterate at the same time!